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“What’s On Your Plate?” Nutrition Counselling in the Community

“What’s on your plate?” asked KIHEFO counsellors and CFHI students last week to two different demographics: primary school students at Rubira School, and women and caretakers at the monthly Nutrition … Continue reading

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Nursing Student “Gone Global” and Her Notes on KIHEFO’s Nutrition Assessment

By Marni Jacobson Today I spent the morning in the nutrition centre participating in KIHEFO’s monthly nutrition assessments. The last Saturday of every month, KIHEFO holds these assessments where past … Continue reading

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Community Health Camp in Kyikumbi – And the Difficulties it Brought

By Lauren Matera Today was one of the busiest days in Kabale so far, but it was also one of my most challenging and for a few reasons — my … Continue reading

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Constructing the Illness Experience – Traditional Medicine & Healing in Uganda

By Iris Mustich Today we went to visit one of KIHEFO’s community partners, a traditional healer, at his clinic on Lake Bunyonyi. The title of this article, “Constructing the Illness … Continue reading

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Women’s Health & Nutrition Survey in Rubira, Kabale

By Amanda Gailey Last week, KIHEFO and the Child Family Health International (CFHI) students and I began the Nutrition and Women’s Health survey in Rubira. I had the privilege of adapting … Continue reading

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No Ordinary Time – Reflections in Uganda

By Katherine Crabtree On my flight in to Uganda, I finished reading No Ordinary Time by Doris Kearns Goodwin, her bio of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic … Continue reading

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Undernourishment in Uganda vs. USA

By Katherine Crabtree Vegetables are relatively expensive per calorie everywhere. But in Uganda, even if you have no money to buy them, you at least have the skill to farm … Continue reading

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The Question of Hunger

By Katherine Crabtree Are hungry people the same everywhere? This is one of the main questions I wanted to think about in Uganda. Not that I really think that hunger … Continue reading

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KIHEFO and CFHI Launch Community Health Project in Rubira

On Tuesday, April 22nd, KIHEFO’s community ambulance – packed with nursing staff, social workers, HIV counselors, a laboratory assistant and boxes filled with drugs and medications – navigated the rocky … Continue reading

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