Kigezi Healthcare Foundation – Official Blog

KIHEFO promotes local initiated solutions to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in southwestern Uganda


The Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) is a non-governmental organization operating in the Kigezi region of southwestern Uganda.

KIHEFO believes that poverty, disease, and ignorance are interconnected, and therefore, must all be addressed to break the cycle. Based on this philosophy, KIHEFO pursues a holistic and participatory approach to community development. Using a bottom-up approach, individual people and village groups are given the necessary care, resources and tools to become healthy, productive community members.

The key to KIHEFO’s model is to educate and empower people so that they may live positive, healthy and economically productive lives. The KIHEFO Family is ever-expanding, with former patients donating their time to volunteer to help further KIHEFO’s goals of promoting sustainable livelihoods for fighting poverty, disease, and ignorance in Uganda.

KIHEFO forms unique partnerships with local, national and international individuals, communities and institutions to build mutually beneficial relationships for sharing knowledge, ideas and resources.

Visit KIHEFO’s Official Website Today –

Agro-Innovation: Seed Exchange in Muyumbu

Agro-Innovation: Seed Exchange in Muyumbu


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