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The JD Ugandan Experience


The Water Tank Project

Hard at work building the foundation for the water tank.  What a project and we finished it.  Henry Everitt, from Sun Valley Idaho, did a fantastic job and provided a tank that is going to help a lot of people get water from a much easier spot so they can water their crops, wash, and do work around the house.  Before this tank the climb to get water was brutal and now it’s much easier because of this project.  Thank you Henry!


My research assistant (and great friend) Adou and I left the Ivory Coast a week ago to come to Uganda.  We are replicating our research we have done there in Uganda.  We have formed a team and the work has been very successful.  We are collecting great data.

Coming here was great but my heart is definitely in Bassam.  Strangely I felt nervous and


Photo by Hakim

reluctant about leaving Bassam mostly because I was leaving people and a community that I have very much grown to love a lot.  When I get back I am building a new community basketball hoop and a few other things so I am excited about that.  We are also working on a water tank project here in Uganda with a high-school student from the U.S. that I connected with KIHEFO.  The water project is in Muyambo the village of Dongo and it is a really great endeavor.   Henry, the high-school student, has been accepted to Bucknell but also some other great schools.  I hope he decides on Bucknell.  He is a great kid.

I had a reunion with Dongo and the next day Adou and Dongo met and we informed Dongo img_7096that Adou’s name when he was young was Dongo too.  HA!  (See video, it’s hilarious.)  Adou is having an unbelievable time.  It has been so interesting being with a West African in East Africa for the first time.  Things are so different for him yet similar too.  The terrain, weather, language/s, and so much else are a world away for him yet it is Africa at heart.  So much fun for him and for me an absolute blast.  What a learning experience for us all.  Today Adou and I rode boda to start research on the other end of Kabale.  I got a great video, soon to be posted.


For more stories about some of the projects by John Doces, you can read more at 


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