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KIHEFO promotes local initiated solutions to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in southwestern Uganda


You will probably know those friends who are perpetually there for you any time you need them, they easily sense when 1781861_770076523081133_7860054670323593327_oyou   need them and immediately engulf you and then turn your worst night mayors into big smiles. This is the reason why 10945868_772152326206886_466486646329091503_owe shall continue to be most grateful to all the doctors both dental and medical under the leadership of William and Tina and Ira for visiting our KIHEFO family every year as a routine to extend medical care free of charge to the natives of Kabale district, we know it’s not always easy leaving your loved ones behind but you still do come and bring many smiles on the faces of the people of Kigezi land who had lost hope of recovering from different illnesses.

Thank you for the extra ordinary affection because you not only extend medical care but also show at most love to both young and old, you have been a great team of fathers and mothers to the children of hope Africa; you have always remembered to visit those orphaned children who were deprived of their parents for different reasons and you manage to bringing back joy and happiness every time you visit them. Lots of thanks from the family of hope Africa who convey their message by saying:

10974412_770549449700507_1455352083546141922_o“TO BILL, TINA, IZACKAR, IRA, ROBERT, DEAN, LING, ANNA, SHEILA, REACHEL, HAN, YVAN, BELLA, ROMINA,TERRY, CHERYL, ALEXIS and all the bridge to health team back home in Canada, we know how much love you have given us and the healing you have brought to our wounded hearts by those who would have loved us the most, thank you for filling the gaps and sacrificing to see that we survive here at hope Africa and though we never intended to carry the weight alone we thank God for you because we desperately need love and affection and you have always provided it to us.

You take the priceless time with us every time you visit us and we are grateful for that crucial role you play as mothers and 1781861_770076523081133_7860054670323593327_ofathers, thank you for standing together with us because we believe two hands are better than one. We are happy to just being there walking with us in spirit and faith and always being the vision of representation of the character of God and humanity.

We at hope Africa in conjunction with the KIHEFO family say a big thank you bridge to health for the corsage (is this what you mean or courage), love and affection. We love you.

 Story Written by: Namulinda Asha


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