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FB_IMG_1436176364191Every parents’ dream is to have a child and then watch them enjoy the very best that life has to offer, this ranges from food , shelter, medical care, education and clothing for at least an ordinary child. A typical child born in a city would have all these to their disposal except for those who end up becoming street children but for the rich people what obstacle do they real meet because they would enjoy all these even at the lowest costs but then when one is privileged to have all the basic necessities of life, they see every day they never know nor realize that there are several children out there that don’t have a chance to live to the fullest potential for one reason or the other.

I visited one of the villages in Kabale district and the satiation under which children below the age of five (5)years old live really broke my heart, for crying out people many live in absolute poverty that even parents cannot afford clothes nor a balanced diet for their children which has left many children malnourished and believe me it’s not until there are health camps set up in such communities by the KIHEFO team that many babies are rescued from this kind of bad situations

Clothing alone may not be the only greatest problem because believe me many have gotten accustomed to nakedness and never feel shy because it has become part of their life. But what about food?, one wonders how a village family would lack food but these days many relatives deprive many people of their legal rights to own their own lands either because it was for their diseased family brothers so the wife and the children have no right to inherit it or some rich lad is willing to offer more than what others are offering.

A mother and her malnourished child at the KIHEFO Nutrition Center

A mother and her malnourished child at the KIHEFO Nutrition Center

I saw many of these children tear even the driest of their eyes; they were weak, malnourished and living very miserably. The children did not choose to be born to poor parents nor choose to come from where they live but all they need is an extra hand to come to their rescue by providing clothes, free medication ,education but above all love. The fact that they are helpless to peasant parents should be an automatic concern for me, you then later invite in the government and other partners then believe me we shall up hold the love.

If we all led a life of concern about our neighbors as it is preached not so many children would go hungry, naked or even die before achieving their purpose here on earth. How many of us waste food and pour it away when our neighbors sleep hungry, one would rather offer food to a pig or even dispose it off in the rubbish pit but live a fellow human being sleep hungry. How many of us sleep luxuriously but look on at helpless children sleeping on rubbish pits in the cold with very expensive cars cruising past them sometimes they don’t just end at that but some even knock these poor babies down with their cars but just drive off so many can see the inhumanity towards our own children, then how many times do some of us change our wardrobes every end of two weeks but look on when a child or woman walks with a breast lagging out? Or how many build bungalows in their home towns just for prestige purposes but fail to identify children to educate but rather you extend the perimeters of your walls high in order to avoid any needy people from entering to disturb their peace.

FB_IMG_1436176317866Majority of us still have at least a heart to lend a helping hand so why can’t it be now because it’s not until we change our attitudes that we shall be able to create change and still make a difference in these children’s lives and their families let it be me, you or them because it just takes little to make a difference. KIHEFO has opened a very difficult way into these communities it is up to us to light these ways and give hope and a smile to many desperate people who have lost hope.

Story Written by:    Malagala Abdallah Hakim


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