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KIHEFO promotes local initiated solutions to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in southwestern Uganda


For us at Kigezi HealthCare Foundation (KIHEFO) Fighting against disease, poverty and ignorance is our main goal and we have gained some real wins in this, it has been over 15 years now since we dedicated our lives and everything in it to this cause, the journey has not been bed of roses but we have managed, and this because of our amazing dedicated team of staff, volunteers, friends and the evolved kihefo family all around the world. For these we have grown in ranks from a little organization in Kabale South western Uganda to a result producing international organization highly sought place to be for service of humanity.



“Everyone has been very instrumental in causing the amazing successes at KIHEFO, great appreciation goes to the team leader Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo the Executive Director at KIHEFO, he has made sure programs are implemented and everyone is motivated, and things are off the ground, he is the cause of inspiration to us all” said Angella on of the are takers of abandoned twins that KIHEFO rehabilitated at the Nutrition center (Vanesa and Purity), during this year’s Children Christmas party. In an emotional speech she adds “if it was not Dr. Anguyo’s effort these children would actually be dead, we had lost all the hope for them”.

The children christmas party is an annual event at KIHEFO aimed at gathering children around kabale district to celebrate Christmas together, most of the children at the party are either from an orphanage, or those who have undergone KIHEFO rehabilitation, or have gained from the numerous KIHEFO community outreach health camps and other health services. The D-day is on every first weekend of December every year for the last over 10 years now, during the cerebration the kids are treated to a big feast of food, drinks, gifts, music and inspiration, single mothers, care takers and children give testimonies of how KIHEFO has helped them walk through hard life which would rather be impossible with it’s intervention.

“This is how the Christmas celebration begin for us here, our joy is to see children smile, dance and have a great meal. this is exactly what we will be doing today, most of the kids who arrive for the party are either orphaned, or living with HIV/AIDS, or have a single parent. its a nice thing to see their smiles. thanks every one for your amazing support! lets celebrate together”. Said Dr. Anguyo Geoffrey ED KIHEFO.

The meal was prepared by  Kihefo staff every one of them was involved.

This woman is called Kanema Glorious, she is from the Batwa community, one of the most minority group of people who used to live in the bush, she says, “I thank KIHEFO for giving me family planing services, we have so many children and we didn’t know how to stop, and space between them until kihefo come to our community

Another  mother she is called immaculate and she was tested HIV positive when she came to kihefo in 2012, she was started on medication, she was the first to arrive for the christmas party with her mother from Bukinda about 60kilometers away, her mother Kyomugisha says ” I thank KIHEFO so much because they bring for us drugs in bukinda, it would be so hard for us to pick drugs from here, it is very far”. she adds “i started the journey at 5pm with my child, we wanted to celebrate christmas with kihefo, see Dr. ANGUYO and thank him for the great work”.
KIHEFO says thanks every one who is supporting us to take drugs near to the sick and vulnerable. Celebrating together

This is Pretty and Vernisa, they first came to kihefo in 2011 when a church member picked them up from a dust bin where they were left for dead by their mother, they were severely malnourished, the church brought them to kihefo nutrition center where they were rehabilitated for over 8 months, today they are health children, with a bright future and big dreams, and they are here to celebrate the Christmas party with us. Thanks every one who is supporting us to cause a smile

Great thanks goes to all our amazing partners who contribute towards this event, everyone’s contribution adds up and will surely cause a smile on one child’s face, our staff at kihefo bring down gifts in form of clothes, playing toys and many other things, our partners contribute towards the meal, buy scholastic materials,  and gifts in all forms.

We have launched a drive called “GIVE A SMILE WITH 10 DOLARS” through this drive many  of such events will be possible, all of us together

have done so much already and we are not yet stopping and together we can




Tel: 256 778376773


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