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KIHEFO promotes local initiated solutions to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in southwestern Uganda

10 dollar donation, add a smile


It’s very hard to restrain oneself from KIHEFO  after visiting the beautiful, hilly areas of Kigezi (Kabale). The first group of students under the Globemed Chapter at Wayne State University visited the Kigezi based Organisation two years ago with a motive of working hand in hand with KIHEFO under the supervision of Dr. Anguyo Geoffrey, the Executive Director and Globemed partner to address the problems people are facing but tackling them directly from the grass root level.



Inspired to have direct involvement of partners in the organizations activities and decision making, the students noticed that the International Community was not doing enough to address the problems of Sub-Saharan Africa. There are many common occurring problems and diseases around the whole of Africa though the main driving forces that need to be fought are diseases, ignorance and poverty, not from a global scope but uprooting them from the grass root.

By giving back to the local community, a smile of hope is brought on the faces of those in great need for assistance and help.   The majority of the poor people in Uganda and Africa at large, live on meager income below the poverty line i.e. (less than a dollar per day). This money donated is used to help empower the poor and give them a ray of hope for a brighter tomorrow.  The donated money is used to Support the mission and goals of the organization globally through construction and equipping of Community health clinics, rehabilitation of malnourished children and above all empowering the youth with vocational skills varying from carpentry, camera work, and inter personal skills, to help them sustain themselves.

The initial target is to get money to sustain programes that are running within the local communities in the rural areas of Africa and 10 dollars ($10) is the Minimum donation that is need to drive this initiative forward All kind of support is welcome to further boost the initiative and there is no limit on how much one can donate.  By encouraging the International Community to engage in the give a smile donation drive, these partners are ensuring that dental heath, maternal health, and reduction on child mortality rate plus the prevalence of HIV/AIDs,  is achieved.




There are many projects now running under the mainstream mother KIHEFO like setting up of a Youth Media and Cultural Centre to empower the youth with self sustaining skills. The Nutrition Centre has dealt with problems related to severe malnutrition and lack of knowledge about better feeding in the community and a living example include children like Nabasa Beckam, Purity and Vannessa who, if not for the intervention of KIHEFO, would not be alive as per now. KIHEFO gave them a second chance after they were dumped by their parents and picked on by the nutrition center that has fed, sheltered, clothed and looked after them. Being in such a situation should not deprive them of a better health environment and education above all, that is vital in the current dynamic society.


Most children are abandoned and become homeless; some become juvenile delinquents and some are orphans without a shelter and need education! When students come from their various Universities around the world, they get a chance to see and witness what is really taking place in these homes,the different communities and thus, create a vivid picture of the real world not the ideal world that is presented to them. It’s this experience that has motivated and inspired them to form groups and chapters that will come and tackle most of these problems from the grass   root level since many governments ignore the local levels and dwell more on developing Urban Centers. KIHEFO has the vision of “man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”. We think as KIHEFO that the road to success is not a path you find but a trail you blaze. What the students have seen in the different communities has inspired them to launch this global appeal to donate to help the people who need another chance to survive. It is not how much you give but how much love you put in giving-mother tereza


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