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KIHEFO promotes local initiated solutions to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in southwestern Uganda


Through its diverse array, KIHEFO has managed to partner  with different organisations like Hope Africa, an organisation

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo, hands over the mosquito nets to the children.

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo, hands over the mosquito nets to the children.

that cares for over 200 vulnerable children and dedicated to work hand in hand with other Charity homes around Kabale.  KIHEFO has managed to extend free medical care to the vulnerable, supported education and have rehabilitated a community health center to help organizations like Hope Africa orphanage. This has been successful because of the helping hand given to them by friends like Izchak Barzilay who visited KIHEFO in March 2013 with the Bridge To Health team.            


the kids hung up the nets with much excitement

the kids hung up the nets with much excitement

Often, KIHEFO organizes Community Health Camps at the orphanage where free testing of various diseases including  Malaria (Africa’s number one killer) is done to ensure that these children are treated for Malaria  Free without paying  any coin.

Motivated by the work KIHEFO offers, Izchak Barzilay  sent 60 mosquito nets to Hope Africa this has reduced on the spread

the children say thank you so much

the children say thank you so much

of malaria at the orphanage. “Be hopeful ,they usually say but indeed as Hope Africa we have been praying for mosquito nets for over a year and I can say it is a mustered prayer answered”, says,Amigo, the director of  the orphanage, he continued that he is grateful for the nets because initially they only had two mosquito nets at the orphanage. Tushemerirwe Precious One of  the orphans at Hope Africa could not hide her joy too as she exclaimed, “thanks for being the father we never had and we shall forever be grateful for your big heart towards our orphanage.”  

As KIHEFO, we are proud to be part of you and shall always dedicate almost everything to serve the community of Kabale and the people around the Kigezi area by supporting education, to ensure a  community free of poverty, ease access to treatment to preventable diseases and thus fighting ignorance.Thanks Izchak for joining the fight against disease, poverty and ignorance, this is the victory we have worked for always.

Namulinda Asha is a journalist and media practitioner who has worked with various media houses in Uganda. She was attracted and inspired by the works of KIHEFO to  the Kigezi Community and is now volunteering with KIHEFO. her email is



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