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The Youth Media Centre has its first workshops

T20140310_121412he Youth Media Center held its first workshop today for young people in Kabale. The workshops focused on computer skills, writing, leadership and film making.

It was only the third meeting that the Center has held, but around 40 people came along. The workshops were run by both international volunteers and local experts, who gave up their morning for the training session. The attendees were enthusiastic about exploring their ideas and building their skills.

There are few opportunities for young people in Kabale to gain the skills necessary to succeed in a modern economy. Many people, even graduates, have little experience at using computers. The Youth Media Centre gives young people a chance to pick up new skills and practice their current skills. Ultimately, we are ambitious that the Center will be a permanent and open facility that all young people in Kabale can use in their free time.

Following the workshops, we used the opportunity to hold a sexual health education discussion for the young people who attended. Young people in Uganda are often exposed to misinformation or simply a lack of information on sexual health. This is very concerning in a country with such a high prevalence of sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV.


The last Youth Media Center meeting in February looked at developing a business project. Today’s workshop gave young people in Kabale the opportunity to develop their ideas. There will be more opportunities, starting from next week, for further work on these ideas.

The Youth Media Center is such an exciting and rapidly developing part of KIHEFO’s work. There is a huge skills gap in Kabale, and the Center will help to fill that by giving the facilities for young people to gain new skills and experience. It will also be a social hub for networking and sharing ideas.


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