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An unexpected gift

The volunteers meet school children in Kitanga Parish

Our volunteers from Canada have had to get used to being surrounded by excited school children. One of the great parts of running health outreach camps from schools is that the children are around to welcome their visitors and get a health check up if they need one.

Every school has a song to welcome visitors, so each morning the volunteers are serenaded with that song plus the Ugandan national anthem. On a couple of occasions, the volunteers have even been cajoled into performing an impromptu rendition of O, Canada. I have to say; they have improved with every performance.

The singing and dancing are signs of the greatly appreciated work that To The World have come so far to do. They have gone into very deprived rural communities and helped extremely needy people. They have also provided health education so that these communities can continue to look after themselves once the volunteers return to Canada. There has been a huge amount learnt by both the Ugandan and Canadian clinicians from each other.

The people of Kitanga Parish showed their appreciation in a unique way, by giving the Canadian volunteers a goat and three chickens. It’s a traditional gift in Uganda, but it’s not exactly commonplace in Canada. Nonetheless, it was hugely appreciated and I am sure will help to make Uganda even more memorable for the volunteers.

Father Gaetano of the Kitanga Parish presented the gifts, thanked the volunteers for their contribution and asked them to return next year to continue their great work. We hope it’s an offer they can’t refuse!


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