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Behind the scenes: KIHEFO’s youth media centre

One of the interesting things about KIHEFO is the way that it keeps expanding into new areas. The latest new project is the Youth Media Centre.

It can be hard for young people in Uganda to get the skills that employers are looking for. Computers are simply unaffordable for most people. Even university graduates can lack basic skills, such as how to word process. There are few opportunities for training, and they tend to be expensive and centred in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

The result is a tragic waste of the enthusiasm and talent that Ugandan young people have in abundance. Finding a way to make these skills accessible to young people from poor backgrounds outside Kampala will help to break the cycle of poverty and give these young people the opportunities that they crave.

Without a way to develop young people’s skills, too many people are trapped in poverty. They are at risk of turning to alcohol and drugs.

This is where KIHEFO’s Youth Media Centre comes in. The vision is a facility where young people can come to use computers and practice on a range of software, from simple word processing through to video and picture editing. The Centre will also host seminars where experts share their skills and expertise with young people from Kabale, south west Uganda. These skills could range from using software to technical skills and broad project management.

Ultimately, the Centre aims to create an environment where young people can follow their creative interests freely. They could use the facilities at the centre to develop a project. The Centre will also support young people to achieve their ambitions.

The great thing about this project is that it is self-sustaining. Using a ‘train the trainer’ model, young people become the resource for mentoring and training others. The Centre can also tap into KIHEFO’s existing international volunteer programme, making the best possible use of KIHEFO’s time, skills and resources.

The Centre will be run for the through young people, bringing them together in a space where ideas can flourish. Young people will have the opportunity to learn, build relationships and generate their own income.

KIHEFO has already set aside a space for the centre, but it is still in its early days. KIHEFO is currently trying to raise the money to buy the equipment necessary to realise its vision.

But Ronald Tumusiime, who is leading the project, is confident KIHEFO will raise the money.

“There has been a lot of interest from young people in Kabale in the Youth Media Centre. We have already held one successful event and have others planned for the future.

“We are passionate about making the Centre a reality, and our priority now is raising the money to make it happen.”

The Youth Media Centre’s next training event, which will focus on project planning and development, will take place on Friday 7th February.


One comment on “Behind the scenes: KIHEFO’s youth media centre

  1. globemedwsu
    February 6, 2014

    Reblogged this on GlobeMed at Wayne State and commented:
    Awesome work! Our GROW Team was able to see the space mentioned, and we see a lot of great potential here. Keep up the work!

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