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New Partnership with Child Family Health International

KIHEFO has recently secured a partnership with a San Francisco-based global education organization called Child Family Health International (CFHI), as a local partner and hosting-site for international health science students to come and learn from KIHEFO’s healthcare activities in southwestern Uganda.

CFHI is an organization with over thirty years of experience connecting international students to amazing firsthand learning opportunities in rural global health settings (in Latin America, India, and South Africa), and for supporting the work of grassroots organizations as 50% of the program fees return to the local organizations.

KIHEFO is proud to be the first organization in East Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa to partner with CFHI, and offer students two learning streams: Exploring Maternal and Child Health & HIV, and Nutrition, Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture. Both programs will give students the opportunity to observe and participate with KIHEFO’s volunteers and staff to understand the different aspects involved with treating disease, poverty and ignorance.

In November 2013, KIHEFO was thrilled to receive Lyndsey Brahm, a CFHI intern from San Francisco, who spent a month interacting with the different program sites, including doing observation rounds at the General Clinic, helping with logistics at HIV Outreaches held in collaboration with Nature Uganda, participating in sustainable agriculture workshops in Nyakiju and Ibumba, and spending time with KIHEFO’s team of mentors.

Lyndsey wrote about her experiences learning with KIHEFO in southwestern Uganda on a CFHI blog – which can be found by following the link – here.

The KIHEFO-CFHI program is scheduled to launch in April 2014 with the first student participants arriving in southwestern Uganda to pilot both program streams.

To learn more about how you can participate in the CFHI program at KIHEFO, please visit their website –, and visit KIHEFO’s website to learn more about general opportunities.


One comment on “New Partnership with Child Family Health International

  1. Lyndsey
    December 12, 2013

    Everyone is very excited about this!

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