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In the Works: A Feature Film about KIHEFO

The following blog-post is an interview with TO – the WORLD Founder & Director, Bill Cherniak, to highlight the exciting progress of a feature film about KIHEFO’s unique work in Kigezi, Uganda.

KIHEFO: What was the outcome of the filming that was done during TO – the WORLD’s medical/dental health camps in March 2013?

Bill: We were able to produce a 5 minute short film to be used as a promotional piece for TO – the WORLD and KIHEFO on their web pages and in public presentations, although final editing is still underway. We are also producing another 5 minute short film focusing on Dr. Geoffrey (Executive Director of KIHEFO) to be used as an idea of what a feature length documentary could look like.

KIHEFO: What is happening with the footage today?

Bill: As mentioned, we’ve are turning all that raw footage into two short films, one for advertising and promotional purposes of the NGOs, and another as a promotional piece to raise funds for a feature length documentary.


KIHEFO: What’s the long-term goal with the project?

Bill: The long term goal is to raise enough funds to hire a film crew to follow Dr. Geoffrey, KIHEFO, and international partners over the course of two years. We hope to capture footage of the development of the community hospital, and the expansion of the Agro-Innovation and Micro-Credit initiative. Overall, we want to capture what we believe are the two main themes of KIHEFO’s work – hope and altruism.

KIHEFO: How can people contribute to the project, and help the feature film come to life?

Bill: Great question! Once we finish up our short film they can hold screenings at their schools, places of work, in their apartments/homes with friends and encourage people to become informed about the issues. And, if they are feeling generous and want to take action and make a difference reach into their electronic pockets and donate to the cause. We’re still working to put up a webpage to donate to the film, please stay tuned!

KIHEFO is grateful to the following creative and collaborative organizations that are helping to fundraise for a KIHEFO Feature Film:

Clark Stanley – a Toronto-based production company who’s led the way in editing, and overall support for the project for their overall leadership;

Creative Visions Foundation – a US-based company who has financed the project;

Buyayear – KIHEFO’s US-based non-profit partner organization who’s provided guidance and support;

TO – the WORLD – a Canadian-based organization and their passionate team of volunteers and participants – who’ve been involved with the film;

And a special thanks to Bill Cherniak for his ongoing commitment and enthusiasm to bring the story of KIHEFO to the screen!


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