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Detroit Meets Kabale: GlobeMed Students Explore KIHEFO’s Nutrition Program

GlobeMed is a network of students at universities across the United States that partners students with grassroots organizations to improve health equity and social justice across the globe. GlobeMed at Wayne State University, located in Detroit, was founded in 2012 and partners with Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) to fight the issue of malnutrition near Kabale, Uganda.

In the past year, the staff at Wayne State has held weekly meetings to talk about health as a human right. Through campaigns and awareness events, GlobeMed supports KIHEFO’s nutrition rehabilitation project. Grass-Roots Onsite Work (GROW) is GlobeMed’s internship program that has sent six students to KIHEFO to evaluate existing projects, propose innovative ideas to support future developments, and create a sustainable relationship to make a tangible impact in the Kigezi. In the past two weeks the students have volunteered at the Nutrition Clinic and have explored the nearby villages through outreaches.

The students experienced first hand the scope of malnutrition in the Kigezi region through observations and interviews with Dr. Anguyo and the KIHEFO staff. Similarly, the outreach to the Muyumbu community opened their minds to the causes and effects of malnutrition through personal stories of local people. During their visit at the Canon school, the students witnessed the lives of many children who were directly impacted by an unstable family life.

Through all of these experiences, the students are able to compare the problems of malnutrition, lack of education, gender inequality, drug abuse, and domestic violence to similar problems in their Detroit community back home. They have learned a great deal about the health issues in the area and will continue to do outreaches to gain a better understanding of the social issues. The team hopes to strengthen the relationship between GlobeMed and KIHEFO for the years to come.

To find out more about the interns and read their personal blogs, go to

To learn more about KIHEFO’s International Volunteer Program, please click – here.

Aniruddh Mannari Shreya Desai Murtaza Hussein Jaipal Singh Anita Vasudevan Rohan Patel

Aniruddh Mannari
Shreya Desai
Murtaza Hussein
Jaipal Singh
Anita Vasudevan
Rohan Patel


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