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Volunteer Profile- Ayaan Roble

Name –  Ayaan Roble

City/Country –  Virginia, United States

Profession –  Student

My name is Ayaan Roble and I am in my third year at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, United States. I study International Development (through the Geography department) and Economics. I began my internship with KIHEFO in mid-April and will be here for a little less than two months.  During my time here I will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about international development, and the unique approach KIHEFO is taking to building community sufficiency. I will help document stories of participants aided by KIHEFO’s multiple support programs. I will work with the Community Outreach Project through data collection to survey KIHEFO impact on health and nutrition.Ayaan_Volunteer

I have always been particularly interested in the ways development is experienced in Africa at both national and local scales. Though I am ethnically Somali-Ethiopian, I spent most of my life in Cote d’Ivoire, Tunisia, and United States. While growing up in West and North Africa, I was exposed to severe poverty and their complementary foreign aid programs. Though I understood the necessity of these development programs at a young age, it was through the geography department at Dartmouth that I began understanding the complex narrative of international development.  In my countless development classes, I learned to think about international intervention differently by analyzing and critiquing current development projects. While interning with KIHEFO, I will not only focus on healthcare outreach but I will also see how microfinance projects are experienced in this Ugandan community. Additionally, this internship gives me the chance to witness the nuances of both economic and healthcare intervention that I will not learn in class.

I am interested in promoting grassroots initiatives and self-sustainable projects. I decided to intern with Kigezi Healthcare Foundation because it is a Ugandan lead initiative. Doctor Geoffrey Anguyo (the founder) along with all but one member of the KIHEFO team is Ugandan. This level of native participation is hard to come by with development programs and fulfills my greatest desire to work with a grassroots organization.

To learn about volunteer opportunities with KIHEFO, please visit our website.


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This entry was posted on April 29, 2013 by in International Volunteers.
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