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‘Pushing Through Adversity Together’ – 5th Annual KIHEFO Staff Retreat in Nyabihoko

Building on the saying that ‘a family that prays together, stays together’ – so, too, an organization that pushes together, stays together.

The first “team-building exercise” of KIHEFO’s 5th Annual Staff Retreat, planned last Sunday, March 24th in the lakeside village of Nyabihoko, was an unanticipated one: pushing two of the three vehicles (carrying 35 of KIHEFO’s committed staff and volunteer members) out of the ditches and up the mud-slicked roads.

Rain fell steadily from the grey skies on KIHEFO’s team, as they exhausted all strategies to push and pull the vans out of the mud: relying on whatever resources were available…ropes, rocks, timber, and the greatest tool of all – people power.

After two hours of ‘problem solving’ in the rain and mud, KIHEFO’s team pushed through, and finally arrived at the Nyabihoko Retreat Centre, exhausted but ever joking and laughing about the ‘unplanned adversity’ they encountered along the way.

Serving pots of stewed goat, potatoes, plantain, and salads (prepared communally the night before) awaited the hungry and tired team, and as Ugandan culture places great value in both family and food – the KIHEFO team, at last, ate and relaxed together.P1060667

Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo, Executive Director of KIHEFO, addressed the team of staff and volunteer members, congratulating them on their hard work in different areas of the organization, and in particular, throughout the Medical and Dental Camps held in February and March 2013.

Pushing through adversity is what KIHEFO does best, and is successful by engaging the greatest resource of all –team_photo staff and volunteers who give a lot of heart, ideas, energy, skills, and enthusiasm to providing services and support to underserved populations. 

For more information about KIHEFO, our team, and our healthcare programming to fight disease, poverty, and ignorance in southwestern Uganda, please visit our website – click here.


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