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Ready, Set – Action: Toronto Filmmaker Focuses in on KIHEFO

TO – the WORLD, one of KIHEFO’s Canadian-based partner organizations, had to “pull a lot of strings” said founder, Bill Cherniak, for Tad Munnings, a Toronto filmmaker, to travel to Kabale, Uganda to focus the lens on KIHEFO’s health programming.

It had been a dream concept for TO – the WORLD, along with a US-based partner group, Creative Visions, to create a documentary on the inspiring story behind Dr. Geoffrey Anguyo’s life, and his motivation for founding KIHEFO in 2002 – and, of course, the innovative health and social programming being implemented in Kigezi today.P1060278

The collaborative dream of these organizations became a reality in early 2013, when Creative Visions fundraised the costs for a filmmaker to visit Kabale during TO – the WORLD’s series of health outreach camps.P1060268

Late in the evening on Saturday, March 9 – Tad Munnings arrived at Kabale, Uganda, en route from Kenya, where he had been filming the results of the presidential elections. Over the past two years, Tad has enjoyed filming documentaries in Kenya and Ethiopia. He was eager to visit KIHEFO in Kabale, and help bring the collaborative idea to life.

Tad will be filming in Kabale for three days to capture footage of KIHEFO and TO – the WORLD’s health outeach camps in Kabale town-centre. The goal is to explore the “bigger story” of KIHEFO as a grassroots organization, and highlight their unique approach to fight poverty and disease in southwestern Uganda.

“We’re hoping to create a five minute promotional video,” explained Kristine Co, volunteer for TO – the WORLD. Together, with Creative Visions and Clark Stanley, the long-term goal is to fundraise enough monies to film and produce a feature film on KIHEFO’s community work.

Stay tuned to KIHEFO’s website and blog for more information on the creation of the promotional video. Please visit our website to get involved in supporting KIHEFO’s projects.


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