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Day 1 – Muyumbu – Through Rain & Shine: Mobile Health Camp Reaches 300

The valley of Muyumbu was full of fog and rain when KIHEFO and TO – the WORLD’s team of forty Ugandan and Canadian volunteers arrived to set up camp for the day – but that didn’t stop the sound of excitement amongst hundreds of school children, singing, clapping and dancing to welcome the Mobile Health Camp to their village.

The people of Muyumbu had reason to celebrate. It would be the first Mobile Health Camp of its kind in Muyumbu, offering people both general and dental health assessment, free of cost, in over twenty years.

Within an hour, many volunteer hands helped transform Muyumbu’s Primary School into a Mobile Health Camp. Classrooms housed dental and medical health clinics. Students’ desks became patients’ tables. Bed sheets were hung by rope to create private rooms. Hockey bags stuffed with medication were unzipped and ready for dispensary…rain

And patients from Muyumbu and surrounding villages came, walking on foot, in the hundreds. Some hadn’t been seen by a doctor in years, and were suffering from chronic pain and illness. They crowded into the registration tents, and lined underneath the school’s overhangs, hiding from the rain. School children, their feet and legs caked with mud, peered into the doors and windows of the dental and health clinics with curiosity.

KyanamiraPeople came with pain, holding sore jaws, bent over their walking sticks, and some childwalking up to three hours to arrive – hopeful, even desperate, to see a doctor or dentist.

Over 90 people had their teeth extracted or cleaned by dentists and hygienists, and over 200 people were assessed by the Ugandan and Canadian medical team, who worked non-stop until the skies darkened.

TO – the WORLD volunteers, including Tina Papacosmas, a Dental Hygiene Instructor from Toronto, Canada, were exhausted but satisfied with their first day of camp. Tina, one of TO – the WORLD’s founding members, expressed her appreciation for the partnership between the Canadian and Ugandan organizations.

“We want to make this a sustainable initiative,” she explained, “to be able to continue returning to Uganda every year to build on our work together.”

Learn more about KIHEFO’s Dental & Health Outreach Camps in rural Kigezi and how YOU can be involved – click here.

Learn more about TO – the WORLD – click here.


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