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TO – the WORLD Team Arrives in Kabale

On Saturday, March 2nd, a team of 13 medical doctors, dentists, dental hygienists and logistic volunteers from the non-profit organization, TO – the WORLD, touched down on the tarmac in Kigali, Rwanda. The team from Toronto, Canada, was travel weary, yet eager to cross the border into Uganda and arrive in the Kabale District – where they will be partnering with KIHEFO to provide health services to over 1500 people throughout 7-days of medical and dental camps in rural

TO – the WORLD is a group of Toronto-based medical and dental professionals brought together by a common desire to serve those in the developing world. The organization was founded in 2012 through the collaboration of four Canadian physicians. One of the founders includes Bill Cherniak, a family medicine resident at the University of Toronto – who first came to volunteer with KIHEFO in Kabale in 2011.

In his final year of medical school at the University of Western Ontario, Bill spent two and half weeks volunteering at the Kigongi Clinic in Kabale. It would be two weeks that would change Bill’s life, as he witnessed first hand the “impact that poverty had on accessibility to food, health care and education, and the way in which these factors were interwined.”

Bill was inspired by KIHEFO’s grassroots approach to addressing poverty and disease, and delivering services to populations in need. He also saw how KIHEFO’s reach and impact could be expanded through the fundraising efforts of international partner organizations. In part, this inspired the founding of TO – the WORLD.

Today, Bill has returned to Uganda for the second time, travelling with fellow founding TO – the WORLD members, directors and volunteers. The team consists of 3 medical physicians, 3 dentists, 5 dental hygenists, and 2 logistics volunteers.

Working collaboratively with KIHEFO’s on the ground team, TO – the WORLD will offer free health services at 7 clinics in Muyumbu, Kyanamira, and Kabale town-centre – and likely attend to over 1500 patients.

To learn more about KIHEFO’s international medical camps and health outreach services in Kabale, please visit our website


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