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International Volunteer Profile – Romina Pace

KIHEFO is glad to host volunteers from all over the world – who bring with them many different skills, backgrounds, ideas, experiences and committment to share in KIHEFO’s vision for fighting poverty, ignorance and disease. Here we bring you one of the profiles of these amazing volunteers – a Canadian medical resident who will spend 1-month with KIHEFO in Kabale:

Name – Romina Pace

City/Country –   Montreal/Canada

Profession – Medical resident

Why did you decide to come to KIHEFO to volunteer? What motivated you?

I had the good fortune of knowing someone who had previously worked with KIHEFO. He explained all the great work that was being done here and how welcoming the organization was and I knew this would be a great learning experience.

What were some of your expectations before arriving?

I was looking forward to working with a diverse group of highly motivated, compassionate and committed individuals.

What are you most looking forward to through your volunteer experience?

To gain an understanding of global differences in health and health care delivery as they relate to economic, political, social and cultural conditions.

What do you hope to learn?

I hope learn more about the components, planning and implementation of a community based, preventive health projects by participating in KIHEFO’s local community works program and also hopefully actively participating in the development of new preventative health strategies for the community.

Romina will be volunteering her services at KIHEFO’s General Health Clinic and HIV/AIDS Clinic in Kabale, Uganda for one month. Welcome, Romina!

To learn more about opportunities for international volunteer work with KIHEFO, please visit our website for more information.


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This entry was posted on February 22, 2013 by in International Volunteers.
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