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2 Days. 2 Villages. Over 200 Patients.

P1030970When the African-Canadian team of dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, physicans, midwives and healthcare professionals pulled up the rocky slope to the Catholic Church in the village of Buhara, Kabale, at 9 am this morning – there was already a line-up of over 100 men, women and children waiting to seek various health services.

KIHEFO’s team set-up canvas tents for registration, and general health services and family-planning counselling, and the Canadian team of eager dental volunteers transformed the church into dentist office. Desks were covered in garbage bags and converted into reclining dentist chairs, a sanitization station was set-up for cleaning tools, and pews were used as space for triage and the ‘waiting room.’ Children were prioritized – and lined up inside and out, waiting their turn to be seen by a dentist – the majority for the first time in their lives.

The Canadian dental team worked collaboratively with nursing students from the Kabale Health Sciences Institute, and performed numerous extractions of decaying and rotting teeth (which had been causing excruciating pain for many), root tips, and cleaning off plaque and calculus.P1030972

Community members gathered around the church, watching through the windows with curious eyes as the dental/health team worked continously for seven hours. A volunteer team of over 40 people worked together with dedication and drive to ensure the clinic ran as smoothly as possible – no easy task with, by mid-day, hundreds of people gathered along the small, grass space and waiting, some desperately, to receive services and alleviate pain.P1030958

Day 2 of the Dental/Health Clinics in Kabale – through partnership of KIHEFO and Canadian-based organizations, Change for Children Association and Kindness in Action – succeeded in providing health services to over 100 people in Buhara. On the first day of the tour, the African-Canadian team kickstarted the action in the community Nangara, and saw approximately 80 dental patients, and over 100 general health patients.

Tomorrow the team will travel to the community of Maziba to set up a 1-day clinic, which will be followed by three more clinics in the next week and a half. KIHEFO is proud of the African-Canadian team and grateful to all organizations and communities who have mobilized to offer free, essential health services to communities living in severe need.

Stay tuned for photographs from KIHEFO’s team, and one of our Canadian volunteers (a professional photographer and documentor) – who have been documenting the clinics minute to minute.


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This entry was posted on February 6, 2013 by in Dental Health.
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