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Upcoming Dental Clinics with Canadian Organizations

KIHEFO is excited to receive a brigade of 13 Canadian volunteers on Sunday, Feb. 3 – dentists, dental hygienists and logistic volunteers from Change for Children Association and Kindness in Action – who will be providing free dental services to people living in remote rural communities of the Kigezi region.

Dental clinics have been organized in the communities of Buhara, Rutanga, Kagarama, Kihihi-Kanugu, and Nangara. Here KIHEFO, in partnership with the Canadian-dental team and their organizations, will set-up day long dental clinics to assist people, many who are living with dental related problems and have never seen a dentist. KIHEFO estimates that we will provide services up to 1500 people!

Dental hygienists will offer free workshops on learning about dental care, cleaning and preventing diseases from over consumption of sugary foods that cause plaque build-up.

This is the second year KIHEFO is organizing Dental Clinics with the Canadian-team, and we look forward to kick-starting another successful project early next week.

For more information on last year’s clinics, please click here. Stay tuned for ‘from the field’ updates next week!

Welcome to our Canadian dental volunteers!



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This entry was posted on February 1, 2013 by in Dental Health.
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