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Families receive goats in Ibumba, Kabale

P1030124In the village of Ibumba, located in the Kabale District, KIHEFO works closely with a ngozi group called the Ibumba Orphan and Widows’ Association. This group is made up of fifty women and men, most of whom are HIV+ and taking care of children who have lost their parents to the epidemic.

KIHEFO and the ngozi group in Ibumba work together to provide healthcare and social counseling services to members, deliver antiretroviral medication, and encourage members to take part in KIHEFO’s micro-credit loan system – which gives members access to seeds, goats, training and tools, and helps them improve food security and generate income.

On January 24, 2013 – KIHEFO’s team visited Ibumba to celebrate with ngozi members as eight members received goats from the micro-loan system. Beneficiaries were chosen by the Ibumba Association based on their immediate need. After the goats reproduce, the kids (baby goats) are then given to other members identified by Ibumba’s group. Goats are easy to graze, and provide families with additional food and income security.


To learn more about KIHEFO’s Agriculture & Micro-loan system – click here.



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