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KIHEFO promotes local initiated solutions to fight disease, ignorance and poverty in southwestern Uganda

Uganda- My heart is with you

At the very end of June I embarked on a journey that I knew would be difficult, yet rewarding. On June 28th at 5:00 am I left the comfort of … Continue reading

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Global Health view from a different perspective

In the four weeks I spent in the Kabale, Kigezi Region, Uganda, I learned so much about the world, global health, and who I was as a student, health care … Continue reading

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A change in mindset

My experience in Kabale with KIHEFO has been enlightening, challenging, and thought provoking. Although I am not pursuing a career in the medical field, I still found ways to help … Continue reading

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Final Reflection of my 4 Months Internship with KIHEFo

Although I have only been in Uganda for four weeks, I do feel like this place will have my heart forever. Through tears, sweat, and layers of dust I have … Continue reading

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Traditional Medicine meets Modern Medical Medicine

This summer I had the privilege to go to Uganda and spent five weeks in the Kabale region. One of my favorite part of the trip was to visit a … Continue reading

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Fighting Severe Acute Malnutrition in Rural Uganda – Tale of an Intern

Today I had the privilege of meeting a woman who is the sole caretaker for nine people; seven are her children and two are her grandchildren. She lives in a … Continue reading

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The JD Ugandan Experience

Grant and Henry Hard at work building the foundation for the water tank.  What a project and we finished it.  Henry Everitt, from Sun Valley Idaho, did a fantastic job … Continue reading

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Post-Travel Perspectives: Working for the Kigezi Health Foundation in Kabale, Uganda

  I traveled to Uganda and joined the Kigezi Health Foundation primarily to expand my knowledge of global health disparities, community empowerment and rural medicine. Adequate nutrition remains a challenge … Continue reading

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KIHEFO is currently employing a holistic, multi-pronged approach to removing the barriers to maternal health in the Kigezi region of Uganda. KIHEFO’s existing maternal healthcare programs and services,  are seeing … Continue reading

March 2, 2016